I decided to start doing a monthly zine (for lack of a better word) in 2012 and I call it “Some Photos”. Each month a new issue will come out and feature typological photographs of a different subject. The first 10 copies of each issue will be given away for free via my blog and Instagram. The rest are available for $5 shipped (a bit more for international) on the Some Photos website. All issues are signed.

Below you can see the zines in their entirety. Though I highly suggest you purchase a printed issue because photography should be seen in print.

Year One
Issue One – Some Vehicles
Issue Two – Some Basketball Hoops
Issue Three – Some Partially Obscured Views
Issue Four – Some Manufactured Homes
Issue Five – Some Airports
Issue Six – Some Convergences
Issue Seven – Some American Flags
Issue Eight – Some Security Cameras
Issue Nine – Some Trees
Issue Ten – Some Satellite Dishes
Issue Eleven – Some Garage Doors
Issue Twelve – Some Covered Vehicles

Year Two
Issue One – Some Discarded Christmas Trees
Issue Two – Some Donuts
Issue Three – Some Doors in London
Issue Four – Some Available Spaces
Issue Five – Some Shopping Carts
Issue Six – Some Urinals
Issue Seven – Some Peeling Paint
Issue Eight – Some Hotel Hallways
Issue Nine – Some Las Vegas Architecture
Issue Ten – Some High Hopes
Issue Eleven – Some Advertising Opportunities
Issue Twelve – Some City Markers

Year Three
Issue Twenty-Five – Some Homes in Detroit
Issue Twenty-Six – Some Liquor Stores
Issue Twenty-Seven – Some Motels
Issue Twenty-Eight – Some Church Marquees